5 best trekking trails of CR

Ruta Mae

Ruta Manuel Antonio Extreme, it’s a Mountain Trail between Quepos Marina Pez Vela and Playa Biezans, this hike will take you to several hidden beaches along the way, visiting playa la Macha(blonde´s beach), playa la Vaca (Cows beach),playa Tulemar, playa Karolas to end at playa Biezans . The first part between Quepos and playa Tulemar is more like a trekking trail that will bring you thought a wonderful forest along the coast, is a magnificent place to contemplate animal on its habitat, hear the birds and discover new paradise beaches and lookout places perfect for the photography lovers. This is a magic hike, surround for the wonders of the Costa Rican Forest. After Tulemar, the trail is easier perfect for family rides and beginners’ hikers. Still a perfect trails nature lover´s.

Manuel Antonio National Park Hike

This is an easy Two-Mile looped hike through the Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the greatest short hikes on the pacific side of Costa Rica. The trail will take you through a rainforest full of monkey´s, toucan’s, sloths and much more wildlife, on this trail you can also visit playa Espadilla South, Manuel Antonio beach and hidden beach, three of the most beautiful places in the world, swim on it´s warm ocean water and let your senses get full of the beauty that surround you.

Curú Wildlife Refuge Hike

The Curú Wildlife Refuge is located on the southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is a small wildlife refuge but is full of great and fun hiking trails that will take you through different habitats: tropical dry forest, tropical wet forest, mangrove forest, marine/coastal, and farmland. This place is known as a meeting place for several migratory birds and other animals and one of the few places where you can see the metical Spider monkey. Is a long hike and it´s recommended to do it with a local guide and start early.

Cerro Chirripó Grande Hike

Cerro Chirripó Grande is the highest mountain peak in Costa Rica, it is one of the most challenging hikes in Costa Rica with about nine-miles hike from San Gerardo de Rivas Town at 2800 feet above sea level to Base Crestones (Base Camp) at 11000 feel above sea level, were you rest the first day to get ready to make summit the next night, As Costa Rica is a very vertical country the best way to enjoy the summit is to wake up at 3am get ready and make summit (about two hours hike from base Crestones) just before sunrise, if the weather is good you will be able to see the Pacific and the Caribbean oceans at the same time. Its prohibited to camping on the park, but you can reserve a space at Base Crestones with a local agency.

Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park located on the Osa Peninsula has been labeled by National Geographic as one of the most biological intense places on earth, this Pacific coast national park is home for the most amazing animals like Jaguars, Tapirs, Macaws, monkeys, sloths, and so much more. There are many different hiking trails and entry points into the park. You can choose from a several hour hike to a several days adventure, but you most have a professional guide with you. You can get you guide close to the park.


5 best trekking trails of CR