H2O Private Adventures

Sometimes it takes months, even years to plan your perfect vacation in Costa Rica. We agree that EVERY SECOND should be enjoyed to the fullest. We also know it can be confusing to book the right adventure for your friends and family. This is what we think works best for you.

We offer a trip where everyone involved is there just for you, your friends and family. Your guides and driver arrive early to carefully prepare and plan for your private adventure.  We only have one pickup that day, and it is for you. We will not waste any of your time picking up and dropping off other customers. You are also able to choose our meeting time. This is your trip, your choice.

 The H2O Staff is here to answer your questions and care for your needs. We are trained to inform you of the natural surroundings, the culture, and give a local perspective about the Pura Vida. We are experts in customer service and know that sometimes you want us to step back and let you laugh by yourselves, and we also know that when the monkeys cross our path, it may be nice to hang out for a while to observe and take some photos. We go at your pace; we will not tell you that we must leave because others are waiting for you.

 In terms of safety, you can be sure that your friends and family are our only priority. We know smaller trips are easier to handle. We are all there for you.

 We will contact you before we meet. We want to make sure we comply with all your group’s dietary restrictions, coordinate meeting time and place and find out about any celebration that we can make special for you on the river!!!